Saturday, January 28, 2012

when I decided to be a doctor..

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Alhamdulillah i've finished my first sem in medicine at UMS..time runs so fast..without realizing it,i've been in Sabah for about 5 was more than i've expected..well, it means i managed to cope with d environment and d studies as as a medical student was so fun indeed..i never thought dat i cud stay in Sabah for dat long..but luckily i did..yeah i have to admit dat Sabah is a beautiful and awesome place..all my colleagues are also nice and friendly..lecturers are helpful..overall okay..i enjoyed my time very well..and PERHAPS i've fall for UMS..quite hard to admit diz..but it always good to be honest rite??

I have another 4 years and half to finish my bachelor..well,well,well quite a long journey to go..nevermind i'm very certain dat i will have fun along dat 4 years and half..i cant wait to finish my studies and end up by being a doctor somewhere in's much2 better if i cud stay near to my family later on..being far from them make me feel sad a bit..but dats what life for..we cannot owez stay and stick with d one dat we love..sometimes we need to keep a gap so dat our love to them bcome stronger and stronger each days..but never ever forget our parent and family okay..without them we wont be able to stand as we are short, without them we are nothing..get my point rite??

So friends dats all for today..later i will update all my BFFs, my beloved friends and my colleagues goodluck in ur life and studies..strive never give up!!owez do ur best and let d rest to Allah swt..may Allah swt bless u guys owez and forever..keep on praying and never stop strengthen our faith to Allah swt..